Dedicated Servers

Stockholm, Sweden

Dedicated Servers

Select a server plan and choose your preference for hardware, IP address, and management-level.
Build technicians are available 24 hours a day to bring your custom dedicated server to life quickly,
with many provisions completed in under 8 hours.

CPU Core Ram Storage Bandwidth Price
E-2236 3.4GHz Coffee Lake 6 cores/12 threads 16 GB (DDR4) 480 GB SSD 10TB / 1Gbps $165/mo Order Now
E-2278G 3.4GHz Coffee Lake 8 cores/16 threads 48 GB (DDR4) 2 x 480 GB SSD RAID 1 10TB / 10Gbps $256/mo Order Now
2 x 4210 Silver 2.2GHz Xeon Scalable 20 cores/40 threads 64 GB (DDR4) 2 x 960GB SSD RAID 1 10TB / 10Gbps $471/mo Order Now

Managed Or Semi-Managed Solutions

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Netherlands Dedicated Server

  • OS Options
  • System Monitoring
  • Software Patching
  • Control Panel & Applications



  • OS Options
  • System Monitoring
  • Software Patching
  • Control Panel & Applications


Why BuyDedi?

Secure. Superior. Speed.


We provide enterprise-grade infrastracture to boost experience and performance of the hardware in all our services.


We have enterprise DDoS protection available in all our locations to protect your servers against massive DDoS attacks.

24/7 Rapid

We have qualified support team, who are passionate & dedicated about giving you rapid support — anytime, day or night.

Control Panel

Our control panel gives you admin access to all of your services. Easily update information, add services, adjust other settings.

Low Latency

We provide best performance, uptime, customization, and redundancy. Our network offers low latency routes.


We provide super fast provisioning. You can get your server up and running within 8-48 hours in a regular working day.

BuyDedi Guarantees

Rock Solid Performance & Security

DDoS Protected

All of our services include FREE DDoS protection that can be upgraded.

Rapid Support

Our experts are available to help when you get stuck — anytime, day or night.

Cloud Technology

We use the latest virtualization technologies based on QEMU KVM.

Value for Money

We'll price match any server we sell and it's delivery against any other retailer.