DDoS Protection

Enterprise DDoS protection mitigates attacks by blocking and scrubbing malicious traffic.

BuyDedi is aiding clients in detecting and alleviating DDoS attracts, even before they develop a stronghold on the servers. We keep investing in the latest security technologies to ensure that our clients are safeguarded from the most despicable activities on the internet. Our DDoS protection system has three essential steps – Analysis, Mitigation, and Reporting.

All servers run the risk of being the victim of DDoS attacks and the worst part of DDoS attacks is that they do not just happen once. There are numerous attempts and attacks from various directions. A Distributed Denial of Service Attack can have a massively negative impact on the running of your business. It does not matter if you are a small business, e-commerce Company, large enterprise, or any government establishment.

If your website has an Internet presence, then it is vulnerable to DDoS Attacks. It is essential that you take the necessary precautions to detect and stop these attacks before they do any significant damage to your business.


  • Every solution we provide includes our Filtering Edge of Network System (FENS). FENS is a series of proprietary systems that proactively monitors and protects the entire network from most common Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.



  • For an extra fee, you can enhance your server’s protection further with the addition of our Server Defense System. Our Server Defense System sits in front of your server, inspecting inbound data and looking for malicious traffic. The moment an attack is detected, it instantly begins scrubbing each data packet. BuyDedi’s Server Defense System delivers business continuity even in the face of massive and complex attacks.


Server Defense System

Think of your server as a brick-and-mortar business and FENS as a fence surrounding your business, deterring and shielding you from most common nefarious activity. Our Server Defense System is like adding an alarm and armed guard to your business, alerting you to and destroying anything attempting to jump that fence. Our Server Defense System utilizes internally developed proprietary systems in addition to Corero’s Threat Defense Smartwalls for data packet scrubbing. Each of our data centers is a scrubbing center with Corero Smartwalls on-premise, allowing us to provide on-prem zero-lag data scrubbing.

Our Data Centers

Our data centers are state-of-the-art and ISO certified. They are spread across the world in strategically chosen locations to enable priority access to the business hubs across the US, Asia, and Europe. Each one of them is specifically built to offer maximum security, performance, and reliability.

BuyDedi prioritizes the provision of top-quality internet connectivity and the performance of its servers to its clients. We have tied up with LeaseWeb, which is a world-renowned premium IaaS providers and have connections with Tier-1 bandwidth providers across Europe and United States which ensures that you get fast connections at minimal latency possible. Our direct connections with Level3, AT&T, Verizon, Global Crossing and many more helps us provide our clients with unmirrored dedicated server hosting experience through our datacenters.

North America

North America

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South America

South America

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Protect Your Server

Network, Transport & Application Layer Attacks

  • SYN Flood
  • UDP Flood & Fragmentation
  • ICMP Flood
  • Ping Attacks
  • Smurf
  • Reflective Attacks
  • DNS Attacks
  • ACK and Push Flood
  • Fragmented ACK
  • HTTP Flood
  • SMTP Flood
  • Slow Reading Attack
  • Sockstress
  • Slow HTTP POS

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